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Litecoin Finally Gets It Right-Future Brighter

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The value of a community to a crypto can’t be overstated. It’s a community that sticks together and pushes forth a coin’s agenda to achieve more traction. It becomes even more vital when a project is going through a bad patch, especially the issue of negative news and price declines.

Litecoin (LTC) is on track for a price break out, and one factor that could accelerate expected huge gains is its community. With this initiative, the Litecoin Foundation has got it spot on.

 Litecoin’s marketing campaign rise a notch higher 

The Litecoin community has been asking for an aggressive approach in marketing the crypto. This comes in the wake of sustained efforts from other coins to take up the micro-payments industry. And now, in turn, the Litecoin Foundation has asked its community to take up the campaign. In a recent tweet, the LTC founder Charlie Lee re-tweeted the following by a supporter, addressing the community.

“You’ve asked for a “marketing campaign”…And it’s been given to you. Even more powerfully, YOU are a part of it! YOU…”

There are numerous coins in the market whose relentless marketing has seen them threaten to overshadow LTC. We saw it happen when Mindgeek chose Verge (XVG). At the time, the Litecoin founder questioned why the company didn’t choose an established coin like LTC. And then NANO came onto the scene and its appeal seemed to earn appreciation even from Lee himself.

That has the coin intensify its efforts to be accepted. And it’s proving to be fruitful, especially after the Litepay debacle that left the team with egg on the face.

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The Litecoin Foundation is at the forefront in these efforts. They recently urged the community to ask their favorite brands and shops to let them pay using the crypto. Its message on Twitter read: “We’re making it even easier for companies to integrate #Litecoin. Ask your favorite brands to let you #PayWithLitecoin today.”

 250k Users target in LoafWallet testing

In a related call, founder Charlie Lee has also asked the community to help test the coin’s LoafEWallet designed for iOS. LoafWallet aims at providing users with a simple, safe, and secure storage. Litecoin’s developers have said that the wallet will also offer users access to fast transactions.

To get varied feedback, Lee gave a targeted number of users. He said:

“For LoafWallet, we are trying to hit a goal of 250k users in the next 3 months.  See something that can be improved?  We need more testers! Email: contact@litecoinfoundation.net and put “Test LoafWallet iOS” in the subject line.  Your input will help us improve the app. Thanks!

Litecoin’s advantages to businesses

For businesses, Litecoin (LTC) offers three huge advantages: speed, security, and low fees. PaywithLitecoin allows the businesses and enterprises to access instant payment at the click of a button. It’s made possible with the various payment processors like CoinPayments and Aliant.

There’s also the added security provided by the cryptocurrency’s blockchain platform. As one of the most secure networks, Litecoin provides businesses with a payment method that safeguard against fraudulent schemes as well as online attacks.

Above all, the coin allows for transactions at very low fees, better than many other methods like credit cards. Furthermore, integrating LTC as a payment method is absolutely free and there are no additional banking costs involved. With such advantages, Litecoin hopes to penetrate the global market and be the top cryptocurrency for payments.