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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Analysis: No More a Flat Market Trend for Ethereum Classic!

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Current Statistics:
From having a storm-tossed situation of Ethereum Classic for quite a few days now, today it has been ranked on the 21st position. ETC is having a market cap of 639,448,333 USD having a price (USD) 5.84 on 3rd April at 4:17 UTC time. The BTC price for Ethereum Classic is 0.00116129. The 24h volume is 608,859,755 USD having a circulating supply of 109,434,832 ETC. The Return on Investment (ROI) for ETC is 677.30%.

Analysis and Data Interpretation:
Looking at the above Ethereum Classic chart from the Coinmarketcap, it is observed that from the start of the year 2019, January 7th was featured with the highest price (USD) 5.50. Then it had a bearish market for the first week of February. After that, it increased to price (USD) on February 24th maintaining a resistance level at $4.95 for a month, till the end of March. Concerned to the day, a high tide price is seen which is 17.97% more than the price observed nearly a month ago.

Predictions and Conclusion:
According to the current statistics and the market of Ethereum Classic, the bullish trend appears to be stronger. The situation of a flat trend that was observed since a long time has been now into the overbought or excessive zones. This results in a “strong buy” indicator for the investors to get hands on the trending markets of Ethereum Classic.

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