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Bitcoin worth $6 billion moved in 25 transactions were included in one block

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Bitcoin Block Bot, a Twitter account, reported that bitcoin worth $6 billion moved in 25 transactions and was included in block 583,139 on June 30.

These transactions were a part of a huge linear transaction. Wallet 1 initiating the transaction sent 24,392.93062596 BTC to wallet 2, and 300 BTC to wallet 3. This last address received a total of 5,800 BTC and was a receiving wallet in all 25 transactions.

Wallet 2 also transferred 300 BTC to wallet 3 and 24,092.93013651 to the fourth wallet in a chain that continued for 23 transactions. Curiously, one transaction, coming from vanity address 1BUYBTC1oYQtAjktSRZUtjkeBJ15ABc5bb, contained the following message in its output scripts:

“We’ll buy your Bitcoins. sell.buy.bitcoin@protonmail.com”

As of press time, wallet 3 has performed 440,505 transactions, received a total of 5,959,532 BTC, and currently holds nearly 6,445 BTC ($72.5 million). 

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